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April 13, 2021

Two friends who record and publish this Podcast

Here's a little more about us

Alison Warner

My love of sewing began at a very early age and I was very lucky that my very talented seamstress Grandmother taught me to sew as a child. After studying Garment Design, Construction and Technology in Oxford I worked in Fashion and High Street Couture in all aspects of the business from the glamorous side of buying for a high end market to the all important pinning up of trouser hems, continuing to sew for myself at every given opportunity.

I have spent all of my adult life working with cloth and have over time built up a client list that has allowed me to make some beautiful garments and alter some amazing high end designer outfits. You could say alterations are my forte!  I also designed, made and marketed a small range of classic jackets and coats using my favourite fabrics British and Italian wools. These days Bobbin Sewing School has become my full time business which is great as I love sharing my skills with the emphasis of the classes being a pleasure and shared enjoyment, so giving someone the confidence that a piece of material can be made into something by themselves.

Caroline Beacon

I have always loved crafting but for many years this love was put on the back burner. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with a life altering illness and this diagnosis led me to both a change in career and lifestyle and as a result I rediscovered my love with all things creative. I took time to sit back, to let myself create again and I remembered the joy it brought me to make things for myself. Soon friends were asking me to make for them and their friends and so on. 

Having got my passion back for crafting I decided to retrain and was fortunate to undertake an apprenticeship for a tailor on Savile Row. In this role I learned the finer details of tailoring and hand finishing and my love for garment making grew. 

In 2013 I took a giant leap and opened my own haberdashery shop and sewing school in Alton, Hampshire. I loved helping people to grow their passion for sewing and creating their own garments but I noticed that many customers were often confused choosing fabrics to suit their pattern choice, they didn’t want to choose the wrong fabric for the garment and this fear often put them off dressmaking. I loved helping them choose materials or patterns, giving them advice or teaching them in one of my classes. This is when my idea for unique complete sewing kits first emerged. I loved seeing the joy on people’s faces when they had made a complete garment from fabric or patterns I had helped them choose. 

Sadly, due to ill health, I had to make the tough decision to close my bricks and mortar store but my idea for sewing boxes, in particular dressmaking kits, continued to grow. I wanted to take the stress and fear out of sewing and from this Sew Ab Fab has been developed. By providing everything you need in one box to make a complete garment I hope that people can lose the fear of mistakes and instead love their sewing journey and in turn build up a wardrobe that is sustainable and timeless. The dressmaking kits will be key wardrobe staples. 

The overriding experience of learning a craft and making something to keep or wear has been that of great enjoyment and satisfaction and one I would love to pass on and therefore I am pleased to be teaching again.

I love to make clothes, to build my own wardrobe that fits me and suits my personality. I take joy in wearing handmade clothes knowing that I am doing my bit to promote sustainability and slow fashion and to see the smile on people’s faces when I gift homemade items. 



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